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Journeystone Safaris is a premium tour operator providing exclusive itineraries throughout Southern Africa.

The leading guides in Africa escort you into the most amazing private reserves and concessions sharing with you their unrivalled knowledge and experience on one of the most amazing continents on earth.

For decades, our Journeystone guides have been leading private safaris throughout the world. Their local knowledge and wealth of experience is an invaluable asset to your Journey.

Journeystone Safaris leads the way in luxury experiential travel.

Brendon Bevan

Brendon grew up on the family owned Game Lodge in the Northern Provence of South Africa near the Gaborone border with Botswana – an environment which was to influence his life dramatically and ultimately form the foundation of a very fortunate career guiding in some of the most pristine habitat Africa has to offer.

An unquenchable thirst for knowledge saw Brendon navigate his way throughout Southern Africa, guiding and managing lodges in some of the most remote and exclusive areas of South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia.

In 2010, that same thirst drew Brendon deep into the Australian Outback having fallen in love with an entirely new wilderness. Working with the most exclusive and wildlife focussed lodges that Outback Australia has to offer, Brendon’s guiding career spans more than two decades and traverses two of the most environmentally diverse continents on Earth.

To experience wilderness, is to reconnect on an almost primal level, to engage all of the senses and rediscover yourself in the vastness of nature.

Brian Worsley

Raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, Brian grew up with an abiding interest in all things natural. He counts himself fortunate to have begun his guiding career at an exciting time of development when canoeing and walking safaris were in their relative infancy. Running multi-day camping safaris on the Zambezi, it was soon clear there was to be no other choice of career, and in 1988, he gained the prestigious Zimbabwean Full Professional Guide’s licence.

Brian has gone on to guide literally hundreds of extended safaris in many of the prime wildlife destinations of southern Africa, including Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and Zambia. Expeditions to Gabon, Madagascar and the Seychelles have rounded out some extraordinary experiences and have brought balance to his view of natural systems and their interconnectivity, something that shines through in his guiding style.

For the last ten years Brian has been living and working in the Northern Territory of Australia. Brian has managed to travel and guide through many of the areas that constitute this vast land of wilderness and contrast, gaining a deep and abiding fascination for the wildlife and incredible landscapes of his adoptive home.

A safari with Brian will not be a simple ticking of lists, rather a much broader immersive educational experience, sharing and discovering as much about the ecology of an area as the visible (and sometimes invisible) wildlife.

Steve Roskelly

Living in, and having travelled extensively in Africa, Steve realised that nature was where his heart and passion lay. Private and professional guiding journeys to the wilderness areas of Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia have re-enforced his keen desire for travel and the exploration of unknown habitats and their beautiful and captivating inhabitants.
‘Patience and Perseverance’ is one of Steve’s mantras…a belief in it stems from his experience out in the field. Waiting, watching and being attentive to subtle signs that allow the emotional and usually not the physical participation in extraordinary natural events.

Guiding from open vehicles, on foot and in aircraft, from Lowveld savannas to lowland Sand Forests and rugged coastlines, Steve’s repertoire of safari activities is vast. In addition to guiding, he has also spent time training the next generation of Field Guides based in various reserves across the lowveld of South Africa.

‘If one listens, nature will speak of wonders and awaken the strongest of human emotions’

Marius Swart

Since 1992 Marius has been passionately sharing the splendours of nature with friends and strangers alike.

With a penchant for walking safaris he developed a sense of awareness and pace, which provides for an experience of being observers rather than participants in Nature’s flow of events. Considering himself a generalist, as his interests are as divergent as nature itself, he thrives in discovering new wild-places and piecing together the components which drive their cycles. Preferring small groups of guests and quiet concessions has led him to some spectacular and unknown regions where interpretation occur as impromptu and un-orchestrated as the events and behaviour displayed by the wildlife observed.

Marius enjoys photography, adventure motorcycling and flying as hobbies when he isn’t “working”…

“Please join me for a journey of discovery, not only of natures treasure chest, but that of yourself.”